Amazon FBA Is Great…


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For Amazon.

So clear that this platform is dead.

3 sales in 2 weeks. This despite having the most FBA product I have ever had.

Prices continually drop to zero profit in order to win the stupid, yet coveted “buy box.”8211063

She has the only box I want to win anymore.

SCAMAZON is right. They really are no better than eBay. They are just more professional about fucking over their sellers.

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Amazon FBA Is Great…

For Amazon.

So clear that this platform is dead.

3 sales in 2 weeks. This despite having the most FBA product I have ever had.

Prices continually drop to zero profit in order to win the stupid, yet coveted “buy box.”8211063

She has the only box I want to win anymore.

SCAMAZON is right. They really are no better than eBay. They are just more professional about fucking over their sellers.

Caress Of “Steal”

Once In Awhile, I Get Lucky

Never with ladies anymore. Once in a blue moon I find a dollar on the floor.

Then out of the blue, every few years, I get a pretty serious windfall unexpectedly.

A forgotten 401K. A class action lawsuit. A reimbursement from Amazon.

Yep, that’s right, Scamazon reimbursed me for a lost FBA item. A few posts ago, I mentioned that they had “lost” my Rush LP, Caress Of Steel.


I thought they reimbursed a set dollar amount. Apparently, the amount is based on the price of similar items, combined with your selling history, etc…

I was hoping to get $75 dollars for my new, 1975 album. Since one clown has one priced at 1,250 bucks, and the other one on Amazon is at $299, their algorithm came up with the figure of…$384 for my reimbursement. Thank God for the silly repricing tools.

Grim Sales Graph Tells All

My Declining Sales The Past 3 Months

Here is a graph of my last 7 months selling on Amazon.


I amassed 116 sales in April. On pace for 58 in October

89 sales is my median number since January 2015. 71 was my low in September (last month) 88 was previous low in August.

Meanwhile, inventory has remained steady at 700+ items the past 3 months. In April when I had my sales high, inventory was right around 500 items.

Feedback has remained at 100%, with the number of positive feedback mentions going up by 7-8 each months. Overall seller score of 96.04 is all time high… What is going on?

Dirt And Bad Reviews On My Competition

Is This Dirty Pool?

Me, posting negative text about my competition?

Yes, and no. They are dirty for these alleged misdeeds. I am simply repeating/reposting what the lovely Amazon buyers are saying. No harm…

Here is some smack about  Midwest Collections

“Received NFL 13 Xbox 360 game. Game was not new. Had been opened and resealed. DLC content code was missing. Had sticker on inside of game case for Grand Theft Auto IV. Game did not have the official Microsoft bar code seal of side of case. This seller is a fraud!!”– Thomas J., October 19, 2015

Ooopps! Busted by Thomas J!  Nice job Midwest Collections. I will make sure not to buy your pirated games

Your Basic Amazon FBA Warehouse In The South

Somewhere In South Carolina…scamazon-fba-warehouse
What a depressing worksite!

There is an ugly, non descript building, with million of 3rd part seller items ready to ship across this great land! 15 of which are mine, totalling about $140. Man I love to be a part of this booming economy, ya know what I’m saying?

Yes, Scamazon has done what Wal-Mart, Target, and Starbucks has done to the open lots of America: set up shop! In the process, proving hundreds of thankless McJob’s, to the YOBLESS throngs of lost souls, who need money for their drug habits, illegitimate babies, and Amazon Prime memberships! The wheels on the bus go round and round…

I Promised An FBA Update

Here are the big numbers

     Read ’em and weep!

Of the 10 sales, 9 were video games, one DVD.

I see a clear pattern developing early, and often. Actually, I have discovered a few glaring things about FBA, most of which I don’t like.

Amazon Lost my Rush “Caress Of Steel” LP

     I don’t know how this happened?  I shipped Amazon 2 things in one box. They received the tiny wrench adaptor, yet lost a 12″ X 12″ 33 LP. An unopened Rush album from 1075, which some joker has listed at $299.00.

I was gonna list mine for $75.00. Not now. Cause some clown in Virginia, at the warehouse stole it! I don’t blame him. If I was making 14 bucks an hour, while Jeff Bezos is making 14 million a day, I’d pilfer stuff too.

Apparently Amazon reimburses based on a set category amount. Media items such as albums, DVDS, etc; get back $25.00. Of course it takes forever before they close the case.

How do you lose an album, once it’s received in a warehouse? You don’t. It’s in some dude’s Camaro as a write this.

Right now though, I am scrambling to get 10 more sales, over the next five days. A few months ago, I wouldn’t see this as a challenge. However, with 71 total sales in September, and 48 thus far in October, it could be dicey.

See I had to cancel a stupid GREASE Soundtrack because of No Inventory. Because my sales are so slow this month. one cancellation is over 2% cancellation rate. I need to be at 1.75%, to be eligible to sell Toys this holiday season.

So I need to have 58 sales- to my one cancellation, to be at 1.75%. I have lowered all my prices, on my already low, crappy, throwaway shit.

If I cannot get 10 sales with prices around $2.60, where I will LOSE money, I know then for sure SCAMAZON is rigged, and I am out.

“Out” for me means: Stop caring, stop trying, sabotage myself, etc…Like I let eBay atrophy in it’s own filth and greed.

My Month To Date Amazon FBA Numbers

My 1st Week Using Amazon FBA (and what I learned…)

Week One Results Of Fulfilled By Amazon

I know you are all dying to know how my foray into FBA went?

Well, it was a little better than I expected.

Here is a list of pros and cons:

The Upside~

  1. The shipping of product to Amazon is fairly simple. I thought everything would be learning toward “anal”, as most things are with the mighty Amazon. However, they have  walk through process that explains everything. Basically you just have to weigh and measure the box you are sending them, and print the shipping label. Some items need an individual baacode , if they cannot be mingled, but Amazon will gladly do that for .20 a piece. I of course choose that.
  2. The shipping price to Amazon is surprisingly reasonable. If you use UPS ground, who they are partnered with. I tried to use USPS for one package. Guess what? Only half of the needed information printed  out. Before I got pissed, I went back to UPS.
  3. My items got shipped and processed in a speedy manner. A few packages took 3 days, most took 5 days.
  4. I sold many things quickly. The same day they were processed in fact. 5/18 of my items sold thus far. I “won” the BuyBox on the 5 video games that sold in one day. I have the Buybox in 4 out of 6 of the other items I have up and listed on FBA. (one of the items has only been p a few hours as I write)
  5. Getting the BuyBox is easy. Ready for the big secret? Have the lowest price, good feedback, and low percentages on all the shipping, ODR, and other bullshit Amazon scares you into keeping low.- and you should at least get a share of the coveted BuyBox.

Now for The Bad Aspects

  1. The fees are catastrophically ridiculous. They are about 40% higher than the already high 3rd party fees you pay. Here is an example: I have a DVD about ALASKA listed for $8.89 . The FBA fees if sold will be $4.22. Almost half! Granted DVD’s are the highest percentage category, but I am not even accounting for the smallish shipping charge it cost me to get it there.( Maybe another .60. You send more than one at a time, obviously…)
  2. Another charge for not selling. After 90 days, you goods are deemed unfulfillable. You can have them shipped back for a) Destroyed(for a fee) OR you ca keep them on  FBA inventory(for a  storage fee) Te bigger the item, the more money they want.

In closing, so far I would say FBA is good for lightweight, in demand items, that have a bit of competition selling them.

Also, these must be items you are willing to cut the profit margin on substantially. These would include: stolen and re gifted goods, or that pallet of crap you bought at the Dollar Tree- that wasn’t as crappy as you thought!

I will be along with an update November 1st…